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Player Information
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Character Information
"Masked Man" Claus
Age: 13.
Canon: MOTHER 3.
Timeline: Endgame.
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter(s): Pawniard.

'It will be a long story, but please listen to it all.'

Long ago there existed a world. A world far different from the one that the people of Nowhere Island thought of. This 'world' was incredibly big, and more people lived in this world than there are grains of sand on the Nowhere Islands. It's hard to believe, but it's true.

At some point, this world ended up destroyed.

Naturally, it was the humans who destroyed it. In the backs of all their minds they had thought it would happen eventually. And then it really did... and their world was no more. Just before the end of the world, a 'White Ship' came to the Nowhere Islands, and on it were the people of Tazmily Village. These villagers were those few who had managed to escape the 'world'. The people on the ship kept their given names from the previous world. Plans for the 'White Ship' had been set in place before the world was destroyed, and even though they where a part of the world, the Nowhere Islands where a special place. They were the only place that would remain once the world was lost. It was the only place where people could survive.

And so the White Ship arrived at these islands.

The reasons these islands are so special, is because they harbour a giant dragon that is nearly as large as the islands themselves. A long time ago, people lived together with the Dragon, however, at some point the two could no longer coexist. Using seven needles, the Dragon was placed into a long, deep sleep underground by the ancestors of the Magypsy people, who have lived on the islands since ancient times. Ever since then, the Magypsies have guarded the Needles, in an effort to stop the Dragon from being awoken until it's power was truly needed. So the Dragon continued to sleep, as the very power of the earth itself. Due to the tremendous energy of the Dragon hidden deep below the earth, the islands were protected from the end of the world.

Those who came to the Nowhere Islands aboard the White Ship feared another "End of the World" more than anything else. They felt that the world's destruction was a direct result of the way they had lived their lives. They shared their wisdom and spoke seriously with one another, and finally arrived at their conclusion.

They decided to completely erase everyone's memories of the precious 'world' and start their lives over with new rules and new roles.

In short, everyone would play out their ideal 'story' that they had come up with. The people would restart their lives in a simple, peaceful village; the kind of place they wished that grown up in originally. They would erase their memories of everything: the world, their belongings, their rules... and then they would begin their new lives. With everyone's newly-created 'stories', the village of Tazmily was created.

However, it was necessary to record that the memory replacement had taken place. The 'Hummingbird Egg' was a device uses to store the original memories of the White Ship's people. A man by the name of Wess, and his son, Duster, both playing the roles of thieves, were charged to take action should any dangerous situations occur. They were told to retrieve the egg, the secret of the people of the White Ship, and keep it safe from harm. Along with the 'thieves' one man was charged with remembering the memories of the previous world, and keeping watch over the villagers. A man by the name of Leder was the only one in the village of Tazmily who wasn't given a role in their new 'story'. By standing in the crossroad's and ringing a bell, it served as a 'suggestion' to keep everyone's fabricated memories from reverting back to normal.

The people of Tazmily took to their roles well, and lived peacefully until the arrival of a person by the name of Porky. By using a 'Time Distorter' machine to travel through time and space at will, he was apparently shut out from all other times and spaces and tumbled into this era onto the islands. He used his Time Distorter to bring people from other eras to the Nowhere Islands as well. He built a Thunder Tower and created an army called the Pigmasks, along with other followers, made of people he had brought to the islands and brainwashed. By taking apart animals and recombining them together he created creepy, new 'Chimeras', and using the islands as his own personal toy box, began to do whatever he pleased.

Eventually, Porky learned of the secret of the White Ship due to a traitor among the Magypsies. This traitor was Locria, the seventh Magypsy. After he joined forces with him, Porky learned of the secrets of the ship and of the sleeping Dragon. He decided to pull the Needles and wake the Dragon, to use it's powers for himself. It has been said that whoever pulls the sealing Needles will become the Dragon's master, but only a select few are capable of pulling the Dragon's Needles. Unfortunately for him, neither the Magypsies, nor Porky, had that capability...

During these events, we'll focus on a single family in Tazmily, and their sad and heartrending tale, due to Porky's arrival on the islands. Flint, the father of this family is worried after his wife and sons don't arrive home after a forest fire in the Sunshine Forest. With his dog, Boney, and the thief Duster, he goes out to look for Hinawa, Lucas, and Claus. Looking high in the mountains he finds a shred of his wives dress high in a tree, and continues onward with growing doubt. Pressing forward the three find two Pigmask soldiers alongside a Chimera. The Reconstructed Caribou, melded with metal, attacks them on-order, and after it's defeat, the Pigmask's flee. They fly away in a strange pig-snout-shaped airship and the group returns back to find Lucas and Claus have been found. Going to their side their happy reunion is short-lived, as Bronson, a villager, comes to tell Flint the bad news. Drago's, large t-rex-like creatures live happily alongside the villagers, and are very peaceful. Bronson found a Drago fang, a very powerful weapon.

The bad news is he found it embedded into Hinawa's heart.

Blinded by emotion, Flint attacks the village members with a piece of firewood, until Lighter, another villager, knocks him out with a two-by-four. Awaking in the never-used Tazmily prison, Flint waits alone until Claus comes to visit him. He gifts him with an apple, making sure that he understands he must eat it down to the core. He tells him he'll get stronger, strong enough that even Drago's wont stand a chance against him, and runs off. Taking nothing with him but a knife, Claus runs to the mountains to seek out the Drago that killed his mother, leaving Lucas back in the village. After Hinawa's funeral, they manage to get the truth out of Lucas, and Flint, alongside the twins grandpa, Alec, run to the mountains to find him.

At the top of the mountains, Flint and Alec don't find Claus, but rather, the Drago that killed his mother--turned into a Chimera. Flint kills the Mecha-Drago with it's own fang, but even after it's death they can't find Claus. As they leave, they are unable to see Claus laying motionless at the bottom of a cliff. Porky and the Pigmask Army manage to get a hold of Claus, much to Porky's glee. It seems that Claus has something he doesn't.

PK Love, taught to him by the Magypsies before he went to avenge his mother. Having this special psychic skill is what allows one to be able to pull the seven Needles keeping the Dragon asleep underground. The heart of whoever pulls the Needles is reflected onto the Dragon, so Porky devices a plan. He turns Claus into an emotionless semi-cyborg, calling him the Masked Man and making him Commander of his Pigmask Army. Creating a blank slate, he can use Claus to do his every bidding, and force his ideals onto him.

Fast forward three years, and Lucas, Claus' brother, is causing trouble for the Pigmask Army. The Pigmasks, having moved into Tazmily, have modernized everything, introducing 'Happy Boxes' that work like TV's. The people now buy and spend money without a care in the world, forgetting their old peaceful village ways. Lucas, along with Duster, the thief, Kumatora, 'princess' of Osohe Castle near Tazmily, and Boney, Lucas' dog, work to put an end to the army's drastic changes to the islands.

They shut down the Thunder Tower that sends bolts of lightning at those without Happy Boxes, and escape by holding onto a Pigmask airship. The Masked Man appears from inside the airship and doesn't seem to remember Lucas at all. After falling from the ship, Lucas learns from a Magypsy about the seven Needles, and how one has already been pulled, and regroups with his friends. They pull two Needles on their own, but as they go to pull the third the Masked Man has beat them to it. At the next Needle he appears along with a few Pigmask's to knock them out and pull it out before Lucas can. The next Needle, located inside of a temple, is the first time they actually fight the Masked Man. After his defeat his Pigmask escorts flee and he starts to malfunction before flying from the scene.

Lucas' party travels to New Pork City and fights against Porky deep underground. He seals himself inside of the 'Absolutely Safe Capsule', dooming himself to a life alone. Leaving Porky inside of his inescapable capsule, the party pushes on and finds Flint, who had went underground along with them. He tells Lucas that Claus is his brother and they push forward towards their final fight with the Masked Man and the final Needle.

During their fight, Claus is called out to by Flint, along with the spirit of his mother, Hinawa, in his mind. He sees a series of flashbacks of his family when he was only a baby alongside Lucas, and slowly starts to snap out of his brainwashing. Once Hinawa has finally gotten through to him, he removes his helmet and unleashes a powerful bolt of lightning at Lucas. A piece of his equipment reflects the lightning, sending it back at Claus, who takes the bolt without any sort of protection.

He apologizes and thanks his family, before breathing his last breath.
Lucas goes on to pull the final Needle with a heavy heart, and the world is reborn.

Personality: Claus was always the most energetic of the two twins, which in turn, made him more hasty than his younger brother Lucas. It is most probably his traits of courage and independence that lead Claus to his loss against the Mecha-Drago. After he was turned into a Chimera and a servant of Porky however, his personality was lost. Brainwashed, Claus became nothing more than a mindless slave, but after his final battle with Lucas, his memories were restored, and Claus was free to become himself again.

But after all Claus had gone through, could he really return to the jovial, happy self he had been?

After death, the boy left behind was a changed person. He was, in essence, two separate people come together at last: the courageous and energetic young boy from Tazmily and the hardened leader he had come to be as the commander of the Pigmask Army.

Yet first and foremost, Claus was a brother. His protective and loving nature lasted through his brainwashing and after death. Lucas held a special spot in his heart because of their bond as twins.

These aspects of light and dark balance Claus' personality, presenting him at first glance as a carefree yet determined young man, but at a closer look as someone who has experienced pain. His residual hatred for Porky for having hurt the entire island is something that will always affect Claus, but will never overcome his overall brightness.

As a hardened veteran of war, Claus can adapt to many situations, but he'll be a little off kilter with the presence of Pokemon and an absence of his usual powers. Not necessarily weak, but not particularly comfortable with his changed body, Claus would find himself awkward at first, but would gradually become more accustomed to his new self.

Coming to the game would, for Claus, only be a minor inconvenience in acclimatization. The world he came from was technologically advanced, so the world into which he would be thrown would offer him no real surprises.

Powers & Abilities: Claus' most notable ability is his psychic power, PK Love. It is a powerful non-elemental attack, and the only thing that allows him to pull the seven Needles. He also has a large helmet with a cover over one of his eyes, presumably to home-in on targets. He has a beam sword used to call down thunder, and also has the ability to remove PSI Shields as well. With a pair of mechanical-bat-like wings, he is able to fly in the air, and has a gun for his right arm, that fires beams. Upon arrival in the game though, I'd assume that these would be taken away, leaving him with his normal cyborg body, and wings.

Posting Samples
Third-Person Sample:
[ A few paragraphs of prose written for the setting. It could be capturing their first Pokémon, their waking up in the Sendoff Spring, or anything you like, as long as it's within the world of Pokemon. ]

First-Person Sample: [ This must be in the form of a PokéNet or STF post. Please try to make it long enough so that we can get a feel for the character's voice. If they aren't a particularly talkative muse, two or three small samples can be used. ]

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